Vampire Academy (2014) – review

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Long story short: a vampire princess is threatened inside of the vampire academy, but by whom?

Hogwarts seen at the Twilight… but it’s not that bad – of course, you have at least to like Harry Potter and the Twilight saga!

The only BIG problem – to me, at least – is that during the whole film, there is ALWAYS someone who’s talking… I mean, during the 104 minutes of the movie, excluding credits, I think that for only maybe five or six minutes there are shots without dialogs…

If you can live with this, you’ll find youngster vampires and their guardians that study in a vampire academy, just like normal teenagers – except they don’t know what is Facebook, Twitter and the like… oh, how lucky are them!

Acting is quite good – to be a young adult movie, of course…and you will find there unexpected actors; location are right, music – the few times you could hear it not covered by continuous dialog – is good enough; SFX are few but good.

At the end, if you like vampire movies, and you can stand almost two hours of teenagers that continually talk – and sometimes fight, too – then you could give it a try… you are warned!

My vote: 6.5/10

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