Star Wars – Extra Extended Edition

I had this crazy idea: insert back in the Star Wars saga – I mean EVERY episodes, from 1 to 7 (and Rogue One as well, when the BD will be available) as many deleted and extended scenes and shots as possible!

A lot of work to do, because even the finished scenes need at least some cleaning, or uspcaling, or something else; the fact is, they are very few… the most part need an extensive restoration – dirt cleaning, color grading, audio dubbing etc.

Well, still interested to know what’s going on? Just visit the thread:

You may also take a look at Rogue One – Extra Extended Edition:

“May the Force be with you!” (you’ll need it… a lot!)

Star Wars “mixed stuff”…

Worked a lot with Star Wars during the past years, so I thought to (try to) compile a list here of mixed stuff…

Star Wars Saga – Extra Extended Edition
Rogue One – Extra Extended Edition
Experiments – Vimeo channel with test clips and more
Laserdisc * database *
Deleted scenes * database *
97SE in HD using super resolution & more
SDTV & HDTV digital broadcast * database *
audio/video bonus material (home video releases) * database *
HD trailers *database*
Color grading – thoughts
Playing with AOTC theatrical color grading
Open Matte “project”

The strange case of Star Wars Rai Tre broadcast…

In 1997, George Lucas decided to release a Special Edition of the Star Wars Trilogy (at the time, Episodes 4, 5, 6); the “ultimate version” (even if we all know, now, that it was not the truth…).

So, every subsequent TV broadcasts of Star Wars probably used the 1997 SE master, until the 2004 DVDs eventually repaced it. Until now, only few recordings of this 1997 SE version appeared on the net; they are Continue reading