Restoration tips: UAR (Ultimate Aspect Ratio™)


What is the UAR (Ultimate Aspect Ratio™)

It is an unconventional aspect ratio to represent a motion picture, using sources taken from different media, in an axis-aligned polygon enclosed inside a conventional aspect ratio screen; for this reason, it was previously known as Axis-Aligned Polygon Aspect Ratio™ (AAP A/R).

How does it work?

If a motion picture is displayed in a screen with a different aspect ratio than the original – e.g. a film on tv, a 4:3 show on a 16:9 tv – there are different methods to do it. Of course, if the aspect ratio of both screens are the same, nothing will (should) be done, and the motion picture will be displayed “as is”. Continue reading

Why MPEG2 is not as bad as you may think…

Many thinks that MPEG2 is necessarily a bad codec to use, in particular for HD video – because is old, and there are more sophisticated new video codecs around; well, even if AVC (and VC-1, too) is better – a lot, indeed – this “ancient” codec is quite good.

With this, I don’t encourage anyone to compress video using MPEG2 instead AVC, at the contrary; but, when you encounter an MPEG2 hi-def source – like HDTV or D-VHS – please don’t discard it immediately!

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