Lucky Luke (2009) – review

DVB – italian audio track

Long story short: direct transposition of a famous french comic; a cowboy saves a small city without killing anyone… until now…

A good comic-to-film version – the only things missing are the Daltons and the stupid dog, even if I must admit I’m happy about the fact the latter is not here…

This is a mix of drama and comedy, located in the old Far West; locations are good, ideas are quite fresh, music fits well, SFX are more than adequate; actors did a good job, too.

The only thing I didn’t like are the French writings (often with the English translation near them) on the wall, signs etc… I understand this is a French movie, after all, but, as it’s located in the U.S.A., a better choice would be to use subtitles… apart that, it’s a mildly entertaining movie, with some laughter here and there; I loved the cinematography, that in few instances reminded me Bunraku somehow, and it was always over the top, to subtly remember the viewers they are watching a movie based on a comic.

Greatly reccomended to any comic lover (anime fans may not enjoy it too much) and of course to the kids of all age!

My vote: 7/10

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Død Snø 2 (2014) – review

WebDL – norwegian & english audio track + italian subtitles

Long story short: after a platoon of nazi zombies almost killed a man, he drive away, thinking to be safe, but it can’t be more far from the truth…

I saw Død Snø some months ago, and I laughed a lot; it was since maybe Braindead (that accidentaly appears on a printed T-Shirt of one of the characters) that I had so much fun watching an horror-comedy, a not so easy to find genre indeed…

So, I was eagerly awaiting Død Snø 2 – a.k.a. Dead Snow: Red VS Dead – and I chose to not read ANYTHING about it, to be surprised at the moment of the first view, in a good or bad way… luckily, I was really happy to discover that this movie is stronger and funnier than its predecessor!

Usually I don’t spend much time for a brief synopsis – you could always read IMDB of one of the other million reviews in the wild – but I want to do for this movie, to give you an idea of what kind of weird one it is…

Near the end of Død Snø, Martin was forced to chop his own right arm to avoid the spread of the zombie infection; after that, he run away from the nazi zombie platoon to save his life; Død Snø 2 starts where the first movie ends; while Martin is driving away, Herzog, the nazi commander, grab himself on the car door; a truck smash him out, leaving one of Herzog’s arms inside the car; then Martin has a car accident, finds himself in a hospital, and discovers that doctors reattached his arm to the body… the bad thing is that this is not Martin’s arm, but Herzog’s!

From that point, anything happen; zombie arm with its own will, a so-called Zombie Squad – three American teenagers – fly to Norway to help Martin; zombie platoon remember their original mission was to kill every inhabitants of a small village, to stop them our heros should awake a soviet platoon killed by the nazis during WWII, turning them in zombies, too… it seems an intricated story at first, but really it is not; it flows from the start to the end in a so good way; I had so much fun, and found myself laugh loud a lot when some surreal things happen…

At the end, story is really good; acting is convincing and dialogs are strange and amusing; makeup is better than the first film, and they used a real tank, too… so, what do you want more from an horror comedy?

An absolute little masterpiece mix of black comedy and horror; a “must see” for anyone who think Braindead is a masterpiece itself; reccomended of course to any zombie aficionados and horror fan that are capable to elevate their suspension of disbilief to a totally new level… “Zombies? OK, I can get it, but… nazi zombies? Are you kidding?!?”

My vote:8/10

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The Dictator (2012) – review

DVB – italian audio track

Long story short: a dictator who loves to oppress his people is forced to go to America to talk at ONU summit.

Yes, yes, not my kind of movies, but sometimes I like to turn off my so busy brain, and try to laugh a bit; with this movie, I have some laughters, but I’m sure it should be pretty better when listened to original language audio track… nevertheless, Sacha Baron Cohen did his job well, as Anna Faris (Scary Movie saga).

Story is simple but nice, acting decent, music good, as photography; gags work, so, what do you want more from a no-brainer like this? Not reccomended to anyone who pretend to be always a serious person…

My vote: 5/10

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Cockneys vs Zombies (2012) – review

WEBdl – english audio track

Long story short: two brothers should do a bank robbery to save the retiriment building of their grandpa, but zombies ruins everything…

Another zombie comedy… not “Shawn of the Dead” of course, but a simple, effective movie; good acting, passable SFX – considering the low budget – and laughs!

Any zombie fan that is capable to watch a british comedy will appreciate it!

My vote: 6/10

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