Restoration for dummies

Many people would like to start a fan restoration project – some have good ideas, I must admit – but almost no one has patience, time and skill to do one in person; they keep asking someone else to do it for them.

So, it’s time to reveal an hidden truth, feared by all of us, fan restoration project makers… the truth is…


you just need few things – no computer, fancy software, 4k monitors, steep learning curves… Continue reading

hardware device as audio analog to digital converter (ADC)

My PC sound card is (still) the original integrated one; it’s a SigmaTel with the CXD9872RD chipset – not too bad to be an integrated sound card; plus, it has the ability to capture bit-perfect audio via the digital input – and that’s a VERY GOOD feature, when you must capture laserdisc PCM/AC3/DTS soundtracks.

However, the analog input/output, even if good, is not comparable with the best sound card around. The solution is simple: to buy a better sound card! Even if the solution is simple, I can’t afford the brand new sound card I’m dreaming of now, so I thougth about an alternative solution. Which one?

It’s possible to use an external device as ADC (Analog Digital Converter); Continue reading

Laserdisc PCM to low compressed AC3

I know, I know, laserdisc PCM soundtracks should be left “as is” (when possible, because they must be converted at least to 48KHz to be BD/DVD/AVCHD compliant), but I did my projects with several soundtracks in different languages, and I guess I could spare a little bit of disc space compressing them, and leave video more space. You know, adding four PCM soundtracks could “eat” something like 9/10GB disc space, and leave only 15GB to video in a BD-25…

As there are wonderful LD AC3 5.1 discrete soundtracks (and they are all 384kbps), I think a PCM 2.0 could be compressed with little or no artifacts at 640kbps (for BD/AVCHD) or 448kbps (for DVD) – or even less. I thought also to use DTS, but to achieve a similar quality I should compress at higher bitrates, and AC3 decoder are a little more spread than DTS ones.

Ideally, it could be converted to DTS-HD MA or Dolby TrueHD, but I know no software (free and/or open source) that could do that, and these kind of decoders are less spread than AC3 and DTS…