Halloween [spoRv]

_,,,^..^,,,_ presents Halloween [spoRv] – special preserved or Restored version

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Mission: to restore John Carpenter’s Halloween, to recover the 1999 THX DVD color grading, and to add the Criterion laserdisc original soundtrack.

Video sources: 35th anniversary BD; 1999 THX DVD as color reference.

Audio sources: uncompressed PCM captured directly from laserdisc, along with commentary and isolated score from the analog tracks; other soundtracks from BD and DVD.

Subtitles sources: to reflect soundtracks.

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Halloween (2007) – review

DVB – italian audio track

Long story short: a 10 year old child massacres half of his family; after more than 15 years in prison, he escapes, committing new massacres...

I like John Carpenter’s movie – in particular, I love The Thing and Escape From New York, but most of you are aware of this; admittedly, the original 1978 Halloween was not a masterpiece; yes, it was scary (for these years), story was interesting and music was simple but extraordinary, could also be considered an horror milestone, but watched nowadays, is not so scary as one hoped for, and not gruesome enough for today’s standards of violence and blood…

At the contrary, this Rob Zombie movie is much better; this is not a mere remake, but more an homage to the original movie; indeed, some music cues are the same, and some scenes are acted almost exactly like the original ones.

But there is more than this; we discover more of Michael’s early life, and some of the reasons he brought him to do the massacre – added to the fact he’s a psycho, of course; in this movie, kills count rise, as violence and gore; in comparison, Carpenter’s Myers is almost an absolute beginner…

Actors are very good and believable – Malcom McDowell, Brad Dourif, Denny Trejo… enough? – story is not a simple verbatim copy of the original, but adds a lot, in particular at the beginning – even if cut many of almost useless scenes of the original, it still retain the most important ones, plus new unexpected plot twists; music is a perfect addition, make up and practical effects are excellent.

I should admit I was pretty sure to watch a simple and awful remake of an important film, and I was pleasently surprised to be completely wrong! Reccomended to any horror fan – in my humble opinion, a modern time small but important milestone in the horror movie history.

My vote: 7/10

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0373883

Creep (2004) – review

DVB – italian audio track

Long story short: a young girl finds herself entrapped in the closed London subway, and suddenly discovers she’s not alone…

Another survival horror, located in the London subway’s stations and tunnels; not a completely new idea, but some interesting points makes it quite creepy – as title suggests… not an extremely gruesome film, but neither a stupid teen movies with naked bodies scattered everywhere – just for marketing’s sake…

Of course, to whom is used to movies such Saw and Hostel, this will seem a walk in the park, but nevertheless I think it’s still a good horror movie; it has its moments, story is not set in the usual “nowhereland”, guest star Franka Potente could not be considered the most beautiful girl in the world, but has that interesting German face that looks perfect for the role.

And the villain is bad, the makeup good, acting too – and I should admit characters didn’t do (too much) wrong moves as they were expected to do… music is good, location too, and strangely a well done color grading that is used parsimoniusly in the right scenes – an example not followed often by other movies, that usually are all blue or green…

What I can say more? A simple but effective horror movie, that all but the hardcore horror fans will surely appreciate; I liked it, because, even if I didn’t dislike extremes, “in medio stat virtus“!

My vote: 6.5/10

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0381966

Frankenstein’s Army (2013) – review

WEBdl – italian audio track

Long story short: few Russian soldiers respond to a distress signal, discovering an horrible Nazi weapon.

I’m not new to this kind of movies, but I must admit I was surprised – in a good way. I mean, of course this is not a masterpiece, and it will never be included in a top list (I think) but it has “something” – still to be understood – that catches you, at least if you like horror movies like me…

The idea is nothing new; take an handheld camera, and shoot the film pretending it’s a documentary (read: mockumentary); still, it works! Think of it something like Star Trek’s Borgs meet The Blair Witch Project in an Hostel… of course, everything should be shacked and mixed together; add also a Robocop’s ED-209, some (a lot?) of FPS videogame shots, and you have the final product!

Acting is far from perfect, but quite believable; the director of photography has chosen this particular color grading that gives you the idea it was shot during WWII; special effects are almost all non-CGI, and even if they seems simple sometimes, they are effective; music is non present for most if not all the duration of the movie.

It’s strange, sick, but nevertheless interesting. If you can stand a lot of blood, human bodies and part of them, *maybe* you could enjoy it… you are warned!

My vote: 6.5/10

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1925435