Soul Surfer (2011) – review

DVB – italian audio track

Long story short: a young surfer girl is attacked by a shark, and loose an arm, but not her faith.

Usually I don’t watch drama, but as my wife is a bit tired to watch always horror, sci-fi, action etc. I decided to let her choose this evening’s movie.

Well, I’m happy she decided for this one; very good actors, wonderful locations, exceptional SFX, because it’s impossible to note them, and this is not easy in this kind of movies; the story is wonderful, in particular if you think is based on a true story…

Reccomended to anyone – also horror, sci-fi and action fans like me – just to discover that amazing, exceptional stories could happen also in real life!

My vote: 7/10

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The Revenant (2009) – review

WEBdl – english audio track

Long story short: after a funeral of a soldier dead in Iraq, we discover he’s not dead as all were thinking…

Finally a black horror comedy! It’s basically a story of a friendship between an undead soldier and his best friend… so good, that when the soldier rise from his grave, his friend is the first person he thinks to visit!

The story is very good, and has an increasing pace, starting from a slow, almost boring beginning to an unthinkable end, with a lot of action and fun in the between!

The actors are not superstars, but the did a very good job, and, despite the supernatural facts, they are still believeable; music is good, make-up too; CGI effects are quite poor but frankly they are few and not so important for the whole story.

It’s very amusing for everyone who loves zombie movies in general, and undead, vampires… whatever… not reccomeded to the ones who don’t want to hear bad words, see bullets flying all arounds, litres of blood (hey, I live in a metric country!) – but, honestly, if you take away all these things from a movie, very little will remain…

My vote: 7.5/10

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Bunraku (2010) – review

DVB italian audio track

Long story short: two strangers come in the same town to find out the local criminal boss, each for a different reason.

This is a strange movie, I must admit… but I LOVE IT!!! How can I explain it? Let’s start with the title: bunraku is a form of traditional Japanese puppet theater; this movie reminds this, a puppet theater, encloded in a pop-up book…

Add to this elements from disparate sources like comic books, videogames, ballet, far-west, all mixed together with a strong color palette, and you still have not a clear idea of the movie… let’s start again: take 3/4 of Sin City, 1/4 of Kill Bill, add the colors of Speed Racers and *maybe* something more could be guessed.

Bunraku is a visual stunning eye-candy; yes, story is a bit thin and someone could think it’s just an excuse to support the whole film, but even if it could be true, you can always think of it as a fairy tale, where the acting is good, the (fantasy) locations are unusual, the coreographies, the music, the action are amazing… everything but a kitchen sink is there, so even if it’s a strange movie, a lot of people could like (or love) it, as it’s interesting, amusing and fresh!

Greatly reccomended to all comic books, videogames, far west and martial arts fans; for all the others… well, it’s reccomended too, if you are ready to give your suspension of disbelief a try!

My vote: 8/10

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Escape from New York [spoRv]

_,,,^..^,,,_ presents Escape from New York [spoRv] – special preserved or Restored version

| PROJECTS: Released | In progress | Future | Mission & Setup |

Mission: to restore John Carpenter’s Escape from New York brightness, contrast and color grading, plus original soundtrack and commentary.

Video sources: HDTV broadcast.

Audio sources: uncompressed PCM original soundtrack, captured directly from Collector’s Edition laserdisc, along with commentary; other soundtracks from BD and DVD.

Subtitles sources: to reflect soundtracks. Continue reading

Blood Glacier (2013) – review

WEBdl – english audio track

Long story short: three scientists and a technician are studying an alpine glacier, and they make a strange discovery.

OK, just another Thing-esque movie; low budget, mediocre acting and SFX, but wonderful locations, some scary moments and an unconventional end takes this movie out of the crowd… I could define it nice, nothing more, but could be interesting to some monster movie lover.

Final note: this is an Austrian production, but I didn’t find out the original version, so I watched the english dubbed one, and the dub it’s quite awful – but this is not due to the movie, of course! So, if you could find the version with the original german track, give it a try, it should be better than the english one.

My vote: 5/10

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Ravenous (1999) – review

DVD – italian audio track

Long story short: in the mid 19th century, a fresh promoted Captain is sent to an outpost in the middle of nowhere.

I like this movie very much; I bought it more than 10 years ago, and I paid used more than new, because it was near impossible to find; but it was money well spent!

Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle are really great actors – it’s a pity the former is very underestimated; as the other actors, everyone contributed to the final result, along with good locations and gorgeous, hypnotic music.

The story is well done, and never boring; some twists here and there helps to mantain the attention and interest high, and let the viewer to guess what will going on next.

Highly reccomended to everyone who loves historical movies set in the old West and to supernatural aficionados as well.

My vote: 7.5/10

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Compound Fracture (2013) – review

WEBdl – english audio track

Long story short: a man return home with his fiancee and his nephew, to discover that his old father hide a secret.

I chose to watch this movie attracted by its unusual title, knowing nothing more about its story. But I’m glad to have watched it.

At the end, it is a ghost story with some twists; acting are good – I was happy to see here the actor who play the “old” Frank from NCIS, locations are simple but effective like the SFX, and the story is not a classic one, luckily.

Don’t expect a masterpiece, of course, because it’s a low budget movie, and it shows, but it’s a good modern supernatural film with an unexpected end.

My vote: 6/10

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Battle Planet (2008) – review

WEBdl – english audio track

Long story short: a soldier is sent to a distant planet for a secret mission, that will be different from what he thought…

Another low budget sci-fi movie; this is what you are thinking… and you are right, but this is better of what I thought myself when I watched its trailer!

Yes, I agree that CGI SFX are really bad and locations are cheap, but aliens are fair, acting is quite good and the most important thing is that this movie has a story that’s good enough to let the movie to be watched from the start to the end with no problems, and it’s also a meaningful one, difficult to find in nowadays’ films!

So, if you like sci-fi and could watch a movie with less-than-perfect CGI SFX, “Battle Planet” will surely worth a look.

My vote: 6/10

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The Battery (2012) – review

WEBdl – english audio track

Long story short: two former baseball players are travelling around the country after a zombie apocalypse.

As I like zombies – and monsters in general – and also independent films, I wanted to give this movie a try.

First half of the movie is very slow but interesting; there are some shots not usually seen in zombie movies; second half is slower and quite boring… what I liked very much is the ’70s aspect of the photography, what I didn’t like is the soundtrack, really present as one of the main character listen often to the music played by a portable CD player – a little anachronistic, told by one that still collect laserdisc, but will surely use an MP3 player in that kind of situation…

Acting is not that bad; locations are few and poors, as this is a low budget movie; decent SFX and some interesting ideas don’t save it completely, but put it in that B-movie “special place”… a place where someone will surely find it and probably love it! Personally, I didn’t fall in love with it, but neither hated it; hey, I could not love all zombie movies, after all!

My vote: 5.5/10

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Rubinrot (2013) – review

WEBdl – german audio track with italian subtitles

Long story short: a girl prepared herself to be the next time traveller, to just discover that she’s not the chosen one.

Another teenager movie, but this time it does not involves vampires or werewolves (strange, uh?) but “only” time travels… but, again, like Vampire Academy, anybody talks A LOT!

I expected some more action… indeed, there are some, but the action scenes are few, and the ending is left completely open… I discovered after that the story is taken from the first of three book series; I agree that it should be left open, but not in that way!

Even Eragon – not one of the most successful movie of the last years, even if I liked it – had a “real” end, but left something open for an eventual sequel; but it was a complete product. In this case, you are awaiting for something that never happened!

I strongly hope thay will find the budget to make the second and third film in the franchise, not because I liked it, but because I’m curious to see what will happen – and I’m too lazy to read the books…

Acting is not bad, but locations are a bit inadequate, in particular the family home, where the lodge was quite interesting; music was almost not present – and, if it was there, I didn’t hear that because people talk almost always!

Reccomended in particular to any teenager that liked Twilight and want to experience a new story not based on supernatural “usual” characters.

My vote: 5/10

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