Gladiator (Theatrical Cut) [spoRv]

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GLADIATOR (Theatrical Cut) [spoRv]

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to present Gladiator in its open matte glory.

Video sources: HDTV

Audio sources: BD

Subtitles sources: BD

Project info:

Lately, thanks also to this forum, I discovered an open matte HDTV version of “Gladiator”: I thought it was like many others, with some scenes properly matted, while others – in particular the ones with SFX – cropped, as usually SFX are done using final AR.

With my great surprise, I discovered that this movie is fully open matte, including all the SFX scenes! Even if Ridley Scott decided to set AR at 2.35:1, now everyone could benefit of this glorious 1.78:1 open matte version!!!

Video is taken from an HDTV broadcast, 1920×1080.

Audio tracks for the five languages are all from EU BD: English is DTS-HD MA, while French, German, Italian and Spanish are “only” DTS; they are unaltered; another track for English will be used, still to be decided – DD 5.1 448kbps from HDTV or DTS core from DTS-HD MA.

Subtitles for all five languages are from EU BD.

Source Material


  • Gladiator – HDTV


  • Gladiator – EU BD
  • Gladiator – HDTV (maybe)


  • Gladiator – EU BD

Project Status: near completion

Final format: BD-25 or BD-50


1920×1080, 23.976fps, A.R. 1.78:1


DTS-HD MA from BD: English

DTS from BD: French, German, Italian, Spanish

Another English track – to be decided


from BD: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish