Restoration for dummies

Many people would like to start a fan restoration project – some have good ideas, I must admit – but almost no one has patience, time and skill to do one in person; they keep asking someone else to do it for them.

So, it’s time to reveal an hidden truth, feared by all of us, fan restoration project makers… the truth is…


you just need few things – no computer, fancy software, 4k monitors, steep learning curves… Continue reading

Restoration tips: HD matrix surround™

HD matrix surround™

What is HD matrix surround™?
It’s a discrete multichannel track, originally matrixed in a stereo sound, and then hardware decoded (hence the HD) using the best, and rarer, matrix hardware decoder.

Because some vintage hardware contains certain dematrix methods different from the usual Dolby Surround, Pro Logic etc. found in every modern decoders; they had that analog sound that could be even better than newer methods. Continue reading

hardware device as audio analog to digital converter (ADC)

My PC sound card is (still) the original integrated one; it’s a SigmaTel with the CXD9872RD chipset – not too bad to be an integrated sound card; plus, it has the ability to capture bit-perfect audio via the digital input – and that’s a VERY GOOD feature, when you must capture laserdisc PCM/AC3/DTS soundtracks.

However, the analog input/output, even if good, is not comparable with the best sound card around. The solution is simple: to buy a better sound card! Even if the solution is simple, I can’t afford the brand new sound card I’m dreaming of now, so I thougth about an alternative solution. Which one?

It’s possible to use an external device as ADC (Analog Digital Converter); Continue reading

Why laserdisc soundtracks are better…

…than most of the DVD – and few BD, as I read also in some forums. I don’t want to talk about MUSE laserdisc audio now, because I’m not expert in that branch, but whoever wants to talk about it, is welcome!

OK, let’s start!

NTSC laserdiscs could contain a different combination of soundtracks:

  • two mono analog
  • one stereo analog
  • two mono analog + two mono PCM
  • two mono analog + one stereo PCM
  • one stereo analog + two mono PCM
  • one stereo analog + one stereo PCM
  • AC3 + one mono analog + one stereo PCM
  • DTS + one stereo analog


I’m pretty sure there is no AC3 laserdisc with two mono digital soundtracks, as PCM is used for stereo (surround) soundtrack, and there are almost no DTS laserdisc with two mono analog soundtracks (Mortal Kombat is an exception), as analog is used for stereo (surround) soundtrack, but I’m sure there is NO laserdisc that contain both DTS and AC3 soundtracks!

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