Captain Harlock (2013) – review

WEBdl – italian audio track

Long story short: a space pirate is trying to conquer back the Earth, fighting against the Gaia Coalition.

30+ years ago, as a young boy, I used to watch any japanese animation series (anime was a word still not invented, or at least used here), and Captain Harlock was one of my favourite; watching this movie, though, has not helped me to remember the original one – but probably it’s due to the fact that I’m growing old day after day…

The animation is very good, and the characters are well enveloped, but a lot of the spectacular shots seems – to me, at least – anything but new… I watched hundred sci-fi films, and many shots here are very close to the ones found in other movies; so, I was not so surprised for them; the story is slow and sometimes nonsensical… pointless, at the end, just an excuse to glue all the shots together…

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate this movie, but I found it… useless? Reccomended to any anime fan, but sci-fi lovers are warned.

My vote: 6/10

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Supernova (2000) – review

PAL DVD – italian audio track

Long story short: a medical rescue spaceship receives an SOS call, but of course everything will not be as it seems…

As I’m going to restore this movie, and because a long time is passed from the last time I watched it, I took two hours to rewatch it, because I had good memories of it, despite the fact many don’t like this movie a lot.

Let’s begin saying that it was a movie with a lot of troubles: three or more directors (Walter Hill, Francis Ford Coppola and others), many writers (up to ten, maybe) surely didn’t help this movie… just thing there are about twenty minutes of deleted scenes in the DVD – many, if not all, worth to be used for the final version… add to this the fact that maybe up to FORTY minutes were cut, and you could be a little bit less mean torward this film…

James Spader acting is quite good, even if his italian dub is not the best; Angela Bassett is gorgeous; the other actors are convincing enough; SFX are good, music too, production is not cheap and you have never that feeling of “another SyFy movie”; this is a movie that could have been perfect, but…

As I wrote before, many cuts were made to this film, so watching it “as is” leaves with some unresolved questions and plain visible cuts… but there are some naked women there, so, hey, it must means something, or not? (^^,)

But, at the end, it’s not a bad movie; actually, I like it very much and if you are a Sci-fi (and a SyFy, too) aficionado, you should give it a chance!

My vote: 6.5/10

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