Monsters (2010) – review

DVB – italian audio track

Long story short: a fotoreporter should bring back home his boss’ daugther, crossing the zone infested by huge alien creatures.

I love aliens, creatures, monsters, so I was forced to watch it again; and, as the first time, I liked it, even more thinking about the fact its budget was around $800,000 – they made a very good use of it, instead burning millions for useless blockbusters…

Wonderful photography, gorgeous landscapes and right locations, perfect music, good acting, believeable CGI effects (apart few instances) made this ultra low budget movie looks like a multimillion Hollywood sci-fi flick; this is an example to follow!

Every sci-fi lovers should watch it, but beware: despite the title, you will see few monsters, and for few minutes during the whole film, but it’s the only fault is has, and it’s forgiveable, given the money they spent for this.

For all non-sci-fi fans: it’s a drama with some extraterrestrial life, so you could check it and be surprised how good it is, even if you don’t like monsters…

My vote:8/10

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The Host (2006) – review

DVB – italian audio track

Long story short: a sea monster rise from the water and kidnap a young girl; her family will try everything to save her!

A Korean monster movie, part of the “new wave” of asian cinema, it’s a pretty good example of what could be obtained outside Hollywood.

Sure, the monster CGI is far from perfection, but it’s not bad at all either; the strongest part of the movie, though, is not the monster, but the story; in fact, acting is not particulary good – at least, following eastern canons – but is quite realistic, helping to trust the situation.

A “must see” for every monster lovers, that could discover a new kind of strange animal that will surely delight their senses – again, not for the high quality per se, but for some other reasons (aspect, movements, walk etc.)

My vote: 6/10

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Big Ass Spider! (2013) – review

WEBdl – english audio track

Long story short: A big spider is on the loose, and our hero must find it.

This movie is not the usual Z-movie; I mean, yes, it’s kinda silly, but nice at the same time; acting is not that bad, music is quite good, CGI effects are bad – but I’ve seen worst; it recalls me the ’50s monster movies, with few resources but a lot of heart…

All in all, a kind movie if you have one and half hour to waste, and hey! A movie with Ray Wise *can’t* be so bad… or can it?

My vote: 5/10

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Splice (2009) – review

DVD PAL – italian audio track

Long story short: two DNA scientists create a never seen before living… “thing”!

I remember few years ago when I watched the first time the trailer for this movie; interesting, strange, I had to watch it – and I watched years ago; today I just wanted to rewatch it, this time with a better audio/video format, player and TV set.

This is a strange film, difficult to include only in one category: it’s sci-fi, of course, with mutants, monsters etc. but it’s also a bit horror and drama; a slow movie, slower than usual sci-fi movies around these days, but it takes you to think, at the contrary of many other movies.

SFX are wonderful – I often asked myself if the actress impersonating Dren has four digits… Adrien Brody did his job quite right, at least how his face permits… this is not an action film, and is quite slow, so you got to take in account this.

If you watch ALL sci-fi movies, in particular with mutants and/or monster, you’ll like it; if not, this is not a movie for all – some will be disgusted, also ethically.

My vote: 6/10

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