Babylon A.D. (2008) – review

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Long story short: in a near future, a mercenary should bring a young girl from Russia to New York, and he discovers she’s not what she looks like…

Vin Diesel stars in this sci-fi movie, and he’s the usual Vin: strong, big badass, but with a good hearth at the end… Michelle Yeoh acting is really good, and the young girl is gorgeous!

Set in a not so distant future, with much more problems than actual world, acting is above the average, even if sometimes forced to be a bit comic-like (see Gerard Depardieu in particular); SFX are really gorgeous and seamless, with some interesting hi-tech “things”… story is simple but effective, music is rightly places; what is missing is… don’t know, “something more”! I mean, I’m expecting some more twists in the story, and that should happen more often, but it was not the case.

With this in mind, don’t expect a calm journey; at the contrary, this is a fast packed sci-fi action, and it will be appreciated by all sci-fi fans – in particular Diesel’s ones – but lacking that “quid”, it could be not considered a masterpiece, that’s it.

My vote: 6.5/10

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Underworld: Awakening (2012) – review

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Long story short: lady vampire awakes after 12 years into a freezer, and she’s seeking revenge!

The only missing chapter from my BD collection – but soon it will be there, too; even if I watched it some months ago, my wife forget it – as usual – so I was happy to have a reason to watch it again… c’mon, a beautiful vampire lady should be a GOOD reason to watch it! (^^,)

After the third episode, that’s actually a prequel with the gorgeous Rhona Mitra, Kate Beckinsale is back into another Underworld movie… and she’s meanest than ever! It’s not a casual choice one of my cat is named after her characters Selene…

A lot of actions, vampires, werewolves, blood, you knows… a good mix between two different supernatural species. Kate is gorgeous, and other actors are quite good; Stephen Rea is an almost believable bad guy, and the super lycan is a pleasant, even if a bit exagerated, surprise.

What can I add more? All horror and fantasy fans will be pleased; not a masterpiece, but if you think it’s the fourth of the franchise, it’s good enough!

My vote: 6.5/10

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