Captain Harlock (2013) – review

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Long story short: a space pirate is trying to conquer back the Earth, fighting against the Gaia Coalition.

30+ years ago, as a young boy, I used to watch any japanese animation series (anime was a word still not invented, or at least used here), and Captain Harlock was one of my favourite; watching this movie, though, has not helped me to remember the original one – but probably it’s due to the fact that I’m growing old day after day…

The animation is very good, and the characters are well enveloped, but a lot of the spectacular shots seems – to me, at least – anything but new… I watched hundred sci-fi films, and many shots here are very close to the ones found in other movies; so, I was not so surprised for them; the story is slow and sometimes nonsensical… pointless, at the end, just an excuse to glue all the shots together…

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate this movie, but I found it… useless? Reccomended to any anime fan, but sci-fi lovers are warned.

My vote: 6/10

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