Okhota na Piranyu (2006) – review

DVB – italian audio track

Long story short: an army captain and his female scientist companion are involved in a secret mission, that will turn into a manhunt with them as preys!

When Mission Impossible meets Deliverance in Russia! A not so ordinary story, a lot of action and violence, beautiful landscapes all adds interest to this long (125 minutes) movie; made in Russia with local actors, they do their job quite well; charactes are well designed; the only thing subpar was the CGI, really poor even for a 2006 movie…

The main actor incidentally worked to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, his companion is a gorgeous actress sadly not well know outside her country, and another actor worked on the two parts movies The Inhabited Island and Black Lightning, two of the few Russian movies I ever watched, and I liked them both quite a lot!

So, if you have two hours to spend, and like secret missions, manhunt & manhunter, and don’t mind to watch a foreign movie, go for it!

My vote:6.5/10

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0477349