Minority Report [spoRv]

Minority Report [spoRv]  (special preserved or Restored version)

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updated: 2017-01-19
Mission: to restore Minority Report color grading.

Video sources: Blu-ray, DVD.

Audio sources: Blu-ray, DVD.

Subtitles sources: Blu-ray, DVD.
Project info:

“Minority Report” Blu-ray has a very natural color grading… a bit too much natural, for a sci-fi movie like this. The DVD has a different color palette, colder in most scenes, but sometimes more colorful than the Blu-ray.

So the Blu-ray will be regraded using the DVD as color reference.

Some references about colors:

For Minority Report, Spielberg once again allocated the skills of Janusz Kaminski, a rather ingenious Cinematographer who knows how to put DVD’s capabilities to the test. Minority Report is not a very colorful film, and is in fact quite the opposite. The look is hard, drab and cold.

I would say that grain is a problem, but the grain visible is obviously a product of the bleach-bypass process used to achieve the film’s amazing look.

http://www.dvdactive.com/reviews/dvd/minority-report2.html (about DVD)

Kaminski’s most interesting trick, however, was to desaturate and mute the film’s colors by employing a “bleach bypass” system. Normally in negative processing, the film emulsion is bleached. By skipping this step, the film ends up looking like a simultaneous color and black-and-white image, resulting in increased grain and contrast. Kaminski said, “The process pulled about 40 percent of the color out of the image, but we worked to get that back in by adding more color to the lights. Overall, the image has a bleached-out quality with deep shadows and blown highlights.”

http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article.html?isPreview=&id=650696|648300&name=Minority-Report (about DVD)

The grading process began with Levinson matching an answer print. The answer print consisted of individual reels that Steven Spielberg had selected as best representing how he wanted the movie to be seen. At that point, Janusz Kaminski came in to work with Levinson. The grading was done while viewing the 4K files rather than a lower resolution proxy.
Steven Spielberg was also closely involved in the remastering and the resulting HDCAM-SR master represents how the creative team want the movie to be seen by viewers today.

http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=4078 (about BD) – bold added by me, you know why…
Source Material


  • Minority Report – EU Blu-ray
  • Minority Report – IT PAL DVD


  • Minority Report – EU Blu-ray
  • Minority Report – IT PAL DVD


  • Minority Report – EU Blu-ray
  • Minority Report – IT PAL DVD

Project status: in progress

Final format: BD-25


Test clip (first 3m33s): https://vimeo.com/200171806

Comparison clip: https://vimeo.com/200184533

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    January 28, 2017 at 3:47pm

    Update: after the first regrade, I found that few problematic shots were not that close to the DVD; a second pass (regrade the regraded, with a different filter) solved the problem; even if the majority of the scenes were almost perfect, I decided to re-encode the whole film, instead of replacing just those shots; at the end, result is way better for those shots, and a bit closer for the others; I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to do better, unless one would regrade (or correct the automatic regrade) the whole movie scene by scene, shot by shot… and it will NOT happen! ?

    Here you are some examples from those shots: from top to bottom, DVD, new regrade, old regrade, BD

    The grass… in this shot, the almost burnt-by-the-sun grass color is not rendered well; still, the new regrade is a bit closer; house, sky, sea, trees colors are good, though.

    With this, the new grading is way better than the old one; face color is right now, and the wall is green and much closer to the DVD.

    Even if it seems minor here, the difference is noticeable; faces are more blue and Anderton’s skirt is more teal (hence similar to DVD) than blue.

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