OPEN MATTE – Master List


Updated 2021-09-25 – 7900+ entries (duplicates were removed, added new ones)

A call to fullscreen DVD owners: please take a look here, thanks!

list format:

Movie Title, The (aka = also know as = alternate title) (version where applicable) (year) – Ratio Type (OM = Open Matte, VAR = Variable Aspect Ratio, FS = Full Screen, Cr = Cropped) – MEDIA Country Code [release number]- other notes
ALL CAPS AND BOLD TITLES are probably open matte, but they should be confirmed

After a search on LDDB, I discovered there are only few hundreds open matte releases, and more than 20000 (twenty thousand) fullscreen, academy and pan&scan ones; even if most DVDs are released widescreen, it is not possible to compile and mantain a pan&scan/fullscreen list, but I thought to add some links to the LDDB site, with Laserdisc, CED and VHD titles; if someone has a DVD/BD link, it will be added here.

US Pan&Scan Laserdiscs:…d&max=5000
NON-US Pan&Scan Laserdiscs:…d&max=5000
Academy Ratio Laserdiscs:…d&max=6000
US Fullscreen Laserdiscs:…d&max=4000
JP Fullscreen Laserdiscs:…d&max=6000
PAL Fullscreen Laserdiscs:…d&max=2000
HK Fullscreen Laserdiscs:…ld&max=500
Pan&Scan CEDs:…d&max=1000
Academy Ratio CEDs:…ed&max=200
Fullscreen CEDs:…ed&max=500
Pan&Scan VHDs:…d&max=1000
Academy Ratio VHDs:…hd&max=200
Fullscreen VHDs:…hd&max=500
Note: you could take a look at the IMBD technical list (…al.list.gz ) to find out the film aspect ratios.

If you are SURE (you own, or you have proof that a certain title is, or is not, open matte), please write it in the comment; I’ll try to mantain the list updated weekly; known film which were filmed in full frame, but presented matted in theaters, and which have not a known open matte home release (including TV broadcasting/recordings), as well as OAR Full Screen/Academy Ratio films, WILL BE NOT LISTED HERE.

The list includes best format only; from best quality they are: UHD-BD, UHDTV, BD, HD-DVD, D-Theater, WEB 1080, HDTV 1080, WEB 720, HDTV 720, DVD, DTV, LD, VHD, CED, VHS – with reference number when known.

I would try to include only movies and just some notable animated features, and avoid concerts, documentaries, special interests etc.

Mission of this list: gather as many titles as possible. Please, no comments like “but OAR is the only way to see a movie” or “I like most Open Matte movies”; please comment just to add new titles, correct wrong ones, remove ones that are pan&scan or cropped and not open matte.

Thanks to everyone, and I’m waiting for your help!

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