[spoRv] released projects


[spoRv] – special project of Restored version


[ruLes] – restored using Laserdisc editions


WARNING: there will be no other [ruLes] projects in the future; further eventual projects based (all or in part) on laserdisc as source will be released under the [spoRv] trademark; this list are left here only for historical reason.


Someone has defined me “one man army”… but, even Rambo had some support for his operations… (^^,) – so, here you are my

“Partners in crime” (in alphabetical order):

  • CapableMetal
  • Chewtobacca
  • DocSap
  • DoomBot
  • ilovewaterslides
  • Jedeitor
  • Jetrell Fo
  • Jonno
  • kk650
  • Leonardo
  • marvins
  • nirbateman
  • spielt mit
  • The Aluminum Falcon
  • zeropc


each of you has helped me with my projects, a lot, in a way or another, and I could call you friend now! Without your invaluable contributions, all my projects would not have been possible… THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

If someone else would join the [spoRv] creek, or gang, you are welcome!

In particular, I’m eagerly looking for someone who are able to do proper Blu-ray menu… anyone?


I want also to say

“thank you” to the following members (in alphabetical order):

AntcuuFaalb, althor1138, Asaki, BDgeek, Belbucus, bigrob, bkev, Borisanddoris, captainsolo, CatBus, CSchmidlapp, Dark_Jedi, Darth Mallwalker, darth_ender, digitalfreaknyc, Doctor M, DragoonClawNZ, drngr, dvdmike, Eldonante, Flexicon9, FreaQ, FremenDar007, g-force, Hairy_Hen, Harmy, Matt_Stevens, Molly, Moth3r, msycamore, Namtar, OmegaMattman, Papai2013, PDB, penguinofgreatness, pittrek, poita, puggo, rockin, SilverWook, skyjedi2005, Spaced Ranger, SS4DarthPayne, Stamper, StarThoughts, StarThoughts, stretch009, tranzor, trp, TServo2049, Turisu, Video Collector, You_Too

for supporting, hints, comments, thoughts, advices, inspirations, ideas, works, scripts, etc… your help is really appreciated! If I have forgotten someone, please let me know!