The Machine (2013) – review

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Long story short: during a new cold war, UK needs the ultimate weapon, and an invincible android seems the answer.

Actually, to be precise, she is not an android, but a gyonid… read: a robot in a form of a gorgeous girl! Even it is was used, how many times? 1000? Well, who can’t say this is not a subject to use and abuse? I mean, we (sci-fi lovers) all loves robots, in particular with a female form…

OK, let’s back to the movie; it is not the most original story, it’s true, but it’s well narrated; acting is above average and believable, the electronic music score is good and appropriate, CGI effects are almost perfect.

There is a strange “mood” during the whole film… something I could not define well… maybe it’s because is not the usual american movie, but I liked it nonetheless.

Despite the fact the movie is quite good, I should advise that many genre lovers will find it rather predictable; but it remains a good movie, and probably will gain some kind of cult status in twenty years, like many movies did.

My vote: 7/10

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