The Battery (2012) – review

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Long story short: two former baseball players are travelling around the country after a zombie apocalypse.

As I like zombies – and monsters in general – and also independent films, I wanted to give this movie a try.

First half of the movie is very slow but interesting; there are some shots not usually seen in zombie movies; second half is slower and quite boring… what I liked very much is the ’70s aspect of the photography, what I didn’t like is the soundtrack, really present as one of the main character listen often to the music played by a portable CD player – a little anachronistic, told by one that still collect laserdisc, but will surely use an MP3 player in that kind of situation…

Acting is not that bad; locations are few and poors, as this is a low budget movie; decent SFX and some interesting ideas don’t save it completely, but put it in that B-movie “special place”… a place where someone will surely find it and probably love it! Personally, I didn’t fall in love with it, but neither hated it; hey, I could not love all zombie movies, after all!

My vote: 5.5/10

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