Southland Tales (2006) – review

DVD – italian audio track

Long story short: in an alternative future, America was attacked by nuclear bombs and liberty is at danger.

Few weeks ago I was at a flea market, and found a place where DVDs were at 1€ each; honestly, the most part was pure garbage, but I found some between them good enough to be bought – hey, at least they were dirty cheap!

Between them there was this movie; as I never heard before – and it’s really HARD, I could assure it – and after I read briefly the description in the back cover, I was curious to discover what was about it.

Sadly, today I had the bad idea to watch it all… well, I want the last two hours of my life back! OK, OK, calm down… I’m a serious person, and I should continue this review, so…

Acting is not that bad, music is good (thanks to Moby in great part), locations are good to, as the SFX, so what’s wrong with this film? Well, the story is so convoluted that probably the author lost himself… I mean, idea was not that bad at all, but how the plot is executed is very boring and uninterested… it’s difficult to follow the paths, as there are too many people involved!

Good actors but the director wasted their acting qualities… honestly I don’t think to who could actually like this movie, but I’ll try to imagine it… this is (maybe) to the ones who love (and not merely like) one or more of the actor/actress in the movie, and want to watch ALL his/her movies…

At the end, I honestly could say beware! You could lose two hours of your life, and even if there are many other movies worst than this, at least the others are low budget films with unknown actors… so, what is the excuse of this film to be so bad?

My vote: 4/10

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