Cujo (1983) – review

DVB – italian audio track

Long story short: a St. Bernard dog went crazy after he contracted the rabies, and entrap a mother and her son inside her car.

I saw this movie almost 30 years ago, and forgot anything about it apart the dog… so, I decided to rewatch it, to discover why I liked it so much at the time; well, simply because it’s a good movie!

OK, to tell the truth, I was 100% sure it was an horror movie, but definitely is not; yes, it’s terrifing, but because it could happen in real life, and to me, this is more terrifing than any hypotetical scenario seen in an horror film.

Acting is average, but there is an outstanding performer: the dog – or, better, the dogs – who impersonated Cujo… apart few shots when you could clearly state that he’s playing, thanks to his tail, the other times he’s so frightening and menacing… music is often boring and flat, special effects are good, in particular the dog’s point of view.

All in all, a good drama movie for everyone who likes to watch a “based on a true story” film – even if this is not the case – but with some blood as a bonus!

P.S. The director is not among the most known, but he directed another small jem: Wedlock; sadly, this is (still?) not available in HD…

My vote: 6.5/10

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