Bunraku (2010) – review

DVB italian audio track

Long story short: two strangers come in the same town to find out the local criminal boss, each for a different reason.

This is a strange movie, I must admit… but I LOVE IT!!! How can I explain it? Let’s start with the title: bunraku is a form of traditional Japanese puppet theater; this movie reminds this, a puppet theater, encloded in a pop-up book…

Add to this elements from disparate sources like comic books, videogames, ballet, far-west, all mixed together with a strong color palette, and you still have not a clear idea of the movie… let’s start again: take 3/4 of Sin City, 1/4 of Kill Bill, add the colors of Speed Racers and *maybe* something more could be guessed.

Bunraku is a visual stunning eye-candy; yes, story is a bit thin and someone could think it’s just an excuse to support the whole film, but even if it could be true, you can always think of it as a fairy tale, where the acting is good, the (fantasy) locations are unusual, the coreographies, the music, the action are amazing… everything but a kitchen sink is there, so even if it’s a strange movie, a lot of people could like (or love) it, as it’s interesting, amusing and fresh!

Greatly reccomended to all comic books, videogames, far west and martial arts fans; for all the others… well, it’s reccomended too, if you are ready to give your suspension of disbelief a try!

My vote: 8/10

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1181795