Savaged (2013) – review

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Long story short: a girl is driving across the desert to reach her fiancee, when it is kidnapped and raped by a bunch of criminals.

At the beginning, it seems one of the usual horror stories, where a girl is brutalized by a group of crazy guys in the middle of nowhere; when you expected the usual twist in the story, something different happened!

So, the story at the end is not the usual one, and it’s quite original; actors are very well chosen, and acting is not that bad, considering the genre and the low budget; music is good, even if sparsingly used; SFX is a mixed bag, sometimes pretty good, other times pretty bad.

The worst thing of all is the evident quality of the film, that is surely made directly on video, and indeed looks like it from a mile away; apart that, all in all an enjoyable little movie, not a gem, but a good one to watch with your friend, if you like dismembered bodies, chopped limbs and exposed guts that are there for a reason, once in a while…

My vote: 6/10

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The Revenant (2009) – review

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Long story short: after a funeral of a soldier dead in Iraq, we discover he’s not dead as all were thinking…

Finally a black horror comedy! It’s basically a story of a friendship between an undead soldier and his best friend… so good, that when the soldier rise from his grave, his friend is the first person he thinks to visit!

The story is very good, and has an increasing pace, starting from a slow, almost boring beginning to an unthinkable end, with a lot of action and fun in the between!

The actors are not superstars, but the did a very good job, and, despite the supernatural facts, they are still believeable; music is good, make-up too; CGI effects are quite poor but frankly they are few and not so important for the whole story.

It’s very amusing for everyone who loves zombie movies in general, and undead, vampires… whatever… not reccomeded to the ones who don’t want to hear bad words, see bullets flying all arounds, litres of blood (hey, I live in a metric country!) – but, honestly, if you take away all these things from a movie, very little will remain…

My vote: 7.5/10

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