Joy Ride 3 (2014) – review

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Long story short: a group of friends on the road make a truck driver angry… but they don’t know he’s a serial killer!

My wife saw a little chunck of the movie, and thought it could be an interesting one to watch last night… I agreed that it *could* be interesting, so I was forced to watch it with her…

Just from the beginning, it is clear that it’s a cheap film, and have that “video” look that helps to think this… acting are bearable, but nothing more; story is not the most original, but quite interesting – apart the end, that was way too predictable, at least to me (and my wife, too); SFX are luckily not heavely used – indeed, in one case one laugh was impossible to be kept – so, when NOT in use, the suspension of disbelief *may* be still intact, at least sometimes.

I must admit it’s quite gruesome – to someone not used to this kind of films, of course – and have a pair of unexpected twists in the story, but that’s it, nothing more… to be a third chapter of a franchise, and considering its low budget, it could have been worse.

Highly reccomended ONLY to cheap splatter movie fans, as horror and thriller film aficionados will be probably disappointed.

My vote: 5/10

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