I, Frankenstein (2014) – review

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Long story short: Frankenstein is in the middle of an epical war between demons and gargoyles, and should decide which faction to join.

I must admit that this movie passed under my radar… I mean, I watched the trailer maybe twice, but only in part and I thought “OK, I will take a look at it, sooner or later”… and yesterday I decided it was the time.

And, strangely, I liked it… much! Strangely, because I thought it was the usual movie where Frankenstein is only an excuse to put it in the title – a bit like “Frankenstein’s Army” – but in this case he is the main star!

And, around the middle of the movie, I asked myself: “Wait! Bus he is…” and I didn’t find his name until the end credits… Aaron Eckhart! Great, underestimated actor! He played the creature very well, and his nemesis, another great actor, Bill Nighy, is on par with him; Kevin Grevioux played a secondary role, but I like him as well – both the latter two were on the Underworld saga.

A lot of action, very good SFX and music, an unusual but quite convincing story; at least, this time the direct opposites of demons are not angels, but gargoyles!

I think anybody will be pleased to watch this movie: action fans, horror and supernatural geeks, and casual viewers too!

My vote: 7.5/10

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1418377