“Alien” movies color gradings

I was curious about the existing different color grading of all the “Alien” movies, so I did my homeworks, and compiled the following, non exaustive list:


  • NTSC WS laserdisc boxset (warm)
  • NTSC WS laserdisc TXH (warm but cooler than the other LDs)
  • PAL WS laserdisc (warm)
  • DVD older editions (warm)
  • D-Theater D.C. (neutral)
  • BD/DVD boxsets (cold)


  • NTSC WS S.E. laserdisc (warm)
  • PAL WS S.E. laserdisc (warm)
  • DVD older editions (warm)
  • HDTV S.E. (neutral)
  • BD/DVD boxsets (cold/teal&orange)


  • NTSC WS laserdisc/DVD older editions (warm)
  • PAL UK WS laserdisc (warmer)
  • BD/DVD boxsets (cold/pink tint)


  • WS laserdisc/DVD older editions (warm)
  • BD/DVD boxsets/HDTV (desaturated/pink tint)

ALIEN Vs PREDATOR and AVP: REQUIEM seems to have just one color grading.

I’m not aware of the colors of the movies on VHS, CED, VHD, VCD and other formats, but I guess they reflect the ones found on laserdisc and older DVD editions.

At the moment, there are two projects in progress about regrading the first two films, while the latter two will be soon regraded.

If you think there are other, different colors of one, or more, films in the Alien saga, please comment it below!

EDIT: I will update the list when I’ll find some new regrading, so keep an eye on the post from time to time.