High-End video capture cards

…once upon a time, I was happy with my video capture card… it is based on the Philips SAA-713x chipset, has a 9-bit ADC, 4-line adaptive comb filter, could capture uncompressed… and it’s better than ones based on BT8X8 chipset!

Then, also thanks to this forum, I discovered that there are much better video capture cards around…

The requirements:

  • MUST capture uncompressed YUV 4:2:2 (and, if possible, HuffYUV too)
  • MUST have a REALLY good comb filter ALSO for PAL signal
  • MUST capture PAL and NTSC
  • 10-bit ADC and over preferred
  • PCI highly preferred; then PCI-E, USB 2.0, FireWire
  • Composite and S-Video input – RGB and/or Y/Pb/Pr are welcome
  • TBC will be appreciated, but absolutely not mandatory
  • VirtualDub capture really appreciated, but not mandatory
  • No TV tuner whenever is possible

During my usual internet searches, I found some interesting products – in no particular order:
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