The Revenant (2009) – review

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Long story short: after a funeral of a soldier dead in Iraq, we discover he’s not dead as all were thinking…

Finally a black horror comedy! It’s basically a story of a friendship between an undead soldier and his best friend… so good, that when the soldier rise from his grave, his friend is the first person he thinks to visit!

The story is very good, and has an increasing pace, starting from a slow, almost boring beginning to an unthinkable end, with a lot of action and fun in the between!

The actors are not superstars, but the did a very good job, and, despite the supernatural facts, they are still believeable; music is good, make-up too; CGI effects are quite poor but frankly they are few and not so important for the whole story.

It’s very amusing for everyone who loves zombie movies in general, and undead, vampires… whatever… not reccomeded to the ones who don’t want to hear bad words, see bullets flying all arounds, litres of blood (hey, I live in a metric country!) – but, honestly, if you take away all these things from a movie, very little will remain…

My vote: 7.5/10

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Vampire Academy (2014) – review

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Long story short: a vampire princess is threatened inside of the vampire academy, but by whom?

Hogwarts seen at the Twilight… but it’s not that bad – of course, you have at least to like Harry Potter and the Twilight saga!

The only BIG problem – to me, at least – is that during the whole film, there is ALWAYS someone who’s talking… I mean, during the 104 minutes of the movie, excluding credits, I think that for only maybe five or six minutes there are shots without dialogs…

If you can live with this, you’ll find youngster vampires and their guardians that study in a vampire academy, just like normal teenagers – except they don’t know what is Facebook, Twitter and the like… oh, how lucky are them!

Acting is quite good – to be a young adult movie, of course…and you will find there unexpected actors; location are right, music – the few times you could hear it not covered by continuous dialog – is good enough; SFX are few but good.

At the end, if you like vampire movies, and you can stand almost two hours of teenagers that continually talk – and sometimes fight, too – then you could give it a try… you are warned!

My vote: 6.5/10

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