The Host (2006) – review

DVB – italian audio track

Long story short: a sea monster rise from the water and kidnap a young girl; her family will try everything to save her!

A Korean monster movie, part of the “new wave” of asian cinema, it’s a pretty good example of what could be obtained outside Hollywood.

Sure, the monster CGI is far from perfection, but it’s not bad at all either; the strongest part of the movie, though, is not the monster, but the story; in fact, acting is not particulary good – at least, following eastern canons – but is quite realistic, helping to trust the situation.

A “must see” for every monster lovers, that could discover a new kind of strange animal that will surely delight their senses – again, not for the high quality per se, but for some other reasons (aspect, movements, walk etc.)

My vote: 6/10

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Compound Fracture (2013) – review

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Long story short: a man return home with his fiancee and his nephew, to discover that his old father hide a secret.

I chose to watch this movie attracted by its unusual title, knowing nothing more about its story. But I’m glad to have watched it.

At the end, it is a ghost story with some twists; acting are good – I was happy to see here the actor who play the “old” Frank from NCIS, locations are simple but effective like the SFX, and the story is not a classic one, luckily.

Don’t expect a masterpiece, of course, because it’s a low budget movie, and it shows, but it’s a good modern supernatural film with an unexpected end.

My vote: 6/10

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