Restoration for dummies

Many people would like to start a fan restoration project – some have good ideas, I must admit – but almost no one has patience, time and skill to do one in person; they keep asking someone else to do it for them.

So, it’s time to reveal an hidden truth, feared by all of us, fan restoration project makers… the truth is…


you just need few things – no computer, fancy software, 4k monitors, steep learning curves… Continue reading

Ultra HD or not Ultra HD, this is the problem…

Let’s face it: even little blind bugs found in the most remote cave in a forgotten land know that, maybe, it’s time to upgrade our video system to Ultra HD (I will not use 4K, as, to me, it’s the DCP 17:9 version).

So, what do I think about this? Frankly, after the demise of my beloved Continue reading

Restoration tips: HD matrix surroundâ„¢

HD matrix surroundâ„¢

What is HD matrix surroundâ„¢?
It’s a discrete multichannel track, originally matrixed in a stereo sound, and then hardware decoded (hence the HD) using the best, and rarer, matrix hardware decoder.

Because some vintage hardware contains certain dematrix methods different from the usual Dolby Surround, Pro Logic etc. found in every modern decoders; they had that analog sound that could be even better than newer methods. Continue reading

Super Resolution

Some links to interesting threads and articles about Super Resolution: (free registration needed to read it)

The Arrival [spoRv]

_,,,^..^,,,_ presents:

The Arrival [spoRv]

[Image: the_arrival.png]

| Released projects | Projects in progress | Future projects | Mission & Setup |

Mission: to make “The DEFINITIVE Arrival” edition.
Video source: Blu-ray, DVD, Laserdisc.
Audio sources: Blu-ray, DVD, Laserdisc.
Subtitles sources: Various.

Project info:
The Arrival on Blu-ray has some DNR, plus contrast problems and its color grading is different from previous versions on DVD and LD. Continue reading