Creep (2004) – review

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Long story short: a young girl finds herself entrapped in the closed London subway, and suddenly discovers she’s not alone…

Another survival horror, located in the London subway’s stations and tunnels; not a completely new idea, but some interesting points makes it quite creepy – as title suggests… not an extremely gruesome film, but neither a stupid teen movies with naked bodies scattered everywhere – just for marketing’s sake…

Of course, to whom is used to movies such Saw and Hostel, this will seem a walk in the park, but nevertheless I think it’s still a good horror movie; it has its moments, story is not set in the usual “nowhereland”, guest star Franka Potente could not be considered the most beautiful girl in the world, but has that interesting German face that looks perfect for the role.

And the villain is bad, the makeup good, acting too – and I should admit characters didn’t do (too much) wrong moves as they were expected to do… music is good, location too, and strangely a well done color grading that is used parsimoniusly in the right scenes – an example not followed often by other movies, that usually are all blue or green…

What I can say more? A simple but effective horror movie, that all but the hardcore horror fans will surely appreciate; I liked it, because, even if I didn’t dislike extremes, “in medio stat virtus“!

My vote: 6.5/10

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