Color IQ test

…or, try to put colors in the right sequence, and discover if you have problem recognizing colors (or if your display should be optimized):

My score is 0, and this is the best possible score… so, my display should be optimized enough to let me see colors in the right way, and I’m not that old as I thought (at least, not about color vision)…

Now, i’m fully qualified to do any color grading project… (^^,)

Take a look, do your test (five minutes to complete) and post your score here!

Restoration, Preservation, Fan Edit – definitions

I’m into this hobby (movie restoration) for two years now, and still not got a complete, final, ultimate definitions of what Restorations, Preservations, Fan Edits (and so on) are, according to everyone… I tried to write down them here, based on what I have understood in this time, what are my personal thought, what other members think about them, and also on the FAQ of this forum and

Obviously someone will agree with some or all definition completely, someone will agree partially, and others will strongly disagree… and it’s the meaning of this post: trying to find a common thought about WHAT precisely we are doing here!
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