Ideas for a new audio video container

First of all: do we need another, new, audio video container? Well, before I thought about these things, I didn’t think so…

There are some features which are not implemented (yet?) that could be useful, in particular for movies, and their avid collectors.

Let’s start with the obvious points:

1) It should be open source

2) It must be able to contain every open source audio video subs codecs

3) Everything should be contained in one file

and now the new features: Continue reading

The strange case of Star Wars Rai Tre broadcast…

In 1997, George Lucas decided to release a Special Edition of the Star Wars Trilogy (at the time, Episodes 4, 5, 6); the “ultimate version” (even if we all know, now, that it was not the truth…).

So, every subsequent TV broadcasts of Star Wars probably used the 1997 SE master, until the 2004 DVDs eventually repaced it. Until now, only few recordings of this 1997 SE version appeared on the net; they are Continue reading

Restoration for dummies

Many people would like to start a fan restoration project – some have good ideas, I must admit – but almost no one has patience, time and skill to do one in person; they keep asking someone else to do it for them.

So, it’s time to reveal an hidden truth, feared by all of us, fan restoration project makers… the truth is…


you just need few things – no computer, fancy software, 4k monitors, steep learning curves… Continue reading

Ultra HD or not Ultra HD, this is the problem…

Let’s face it: even little blind bugs found in the most remote cave in a forgotten land know that, maybe, it’s time to upgrade our video system to Ultra HD (I will not use 4K, as, to me, it’s the DCP 17:9 version).

So, what do I think about this? Frankly, after the demise of my beloved Continue reading

The Terminator (1984) – review

Laserdisc – italian audio track
Long story short: a cyborg comes from the future to kill the mother of the resistance leader.

I needed to check the quality of the audio of this old italian PAL laserdisc,  so I thought: “Hey, I watched it a lot of time ago, so let’s watch it again…”

No need to write something more about the story, as I’m quite sure anybody on this planet who loves sci-fi has seen it – multiple times… but I should write something, so here I am!

Acting is quite good, and I loved the fact there are many Cameron’s preferred actors; Schwarzy, Lance Henriksen, Michael Biehn and Bill Paxton (as the punk leader). OK, not Academy Award lever, I should admit, but not bad at all!

Music is good, and follow the pace of the story, that was very original at the time; SFX makes you smile if compared to nowaday’s ones, but think it was the top notch at the time, and I still love the non-CGI effects, so…

At the end, a milestone in the sci-fi panorama; the last few ones remained on this world who hasn’t watched it yet, should buy a copy and watch it… NOW!

My vote: 7.5/10

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Rubinrot (2013) – review

WEBdl – german audio track with italian subtitles

Long story short: a girl prepared herself to be the next time traveller, to just discover that she’s not the chosen one.

Another teenager movie, but this time it does not involves vampires or werewolves (strange, uh?) but “only” time travels… but, again, like Vampire Academy, anybody talks A LOT!

I expected some more action… indeed, there are some, but the action scenes are few, and the ending is left completely open… I discovered after that the story is taken from the first of three book series; I agree that it should be left open, but not in that way!

Even Eragon – not one of the most successful movie of the last years, even if I liked it – had a “real” end, but left something open for an eventual sequel; but it was a complete product. In this case, you are awaiting for something that never happened!

I strongly hope thay will find the budget to make the second and third film in the franchise, not because I liked it, but because I’m curious to see what will happen – and I’m too lazy to read the books…

Acting is not bad, but locations are a bit inadequate, in particular the family home, where the lodge was quite interesting; music was almost not present – and, if it was there, I didn’t hear that because people talk almost always!

Reccomended in particular to any teenager that liked Twilight and want to experience a new story not based on supernatural “usual” characters.

My vote: 5/10

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I, Frankenstein (2014) – review

WEBdl – italian audio track

Long story short: Frankenstein is in the middle of an epical war between demons and gargoyles, and should decide which faction to join.

I must admit that this movie passed under my radar… I mean, I watched the trailer maybe twice, but only in part and I thought “OK, I will take a look at it, sooner or later”… and yesterday I decided it was the time.

And, strangely, I liked it… much! Strangely, because I thought it was the usual movie where Frankenstein is only an excuse to put it in the title – a bit like “Frankenstein’s Army” – but in this case he is the main star!

And, around the middle of the movie, I asked myself: “Wait! Bus he is…” and I didn’t find his name until the end credits… Aaron Eckhart! Great, underestimated actor! He played the creature very well, and his nemesis, another great actor, Bill Nighy, is on par with him; Kevin Grevioux played a secondary role, but I like him as well – both the latter two were on the Underworld saga.

A lot of action, very good SFX and music, an unusual but quite convincing story; at least, this time the direct opposites of demons are not angels, but gargoyles!

I think anybody will be pleased to watch this movie: action fans, horror and supernatural geeks, and casual viewers too!

My vote: 7.5/10

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