Halloween [spoRv]

_,,,^..^,,,_ presents Halloween [spoRv] – special preserved or Restored version

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Mission: to restore John Carpenter’s Halloween, to recover the 1999 THX DVD color grading, and to add the Criterion laserdisc original soundtrack.

Video sources: 35th anniversary BD; 1999 THX DVD as color reference.

Audio sources: uncompressed PCM captured directly from laserdisc, along with commentary and isolated score from the analog tracks; other soundtracks from BD and DVD.

Subtitles sources: to reflect soundtracks.

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L’arrivo di Wang (2011) – review

English title: The arrival of Wang

DVB – original italian audio track

Long story short: an interpeter got a new urgent work, where she have to translate from Chinese some strange question posed to a mysterious Mr. Wang

I missed the film at the time, and when I noted it on the TV, I said myself: “You HAVE to watch it! After all, is one of the very few sci-fi movies made in Italy!”

So, I watched it, and I must say it’s not bad at all! At the contrary, it’s quite good; the idea is not usual, acting is very good – and I’m lucky to hear the original voices, that are really convincing, don’t know about the English dubbing; SFX is not top notch but, again, it’s an Italian small sci-fi production, not a multi-million dollar Hollywood one, so it’s more than what you could expect from it, and also from many cheap american sci-fi flicks of the latest decade.

Dialog is central in this film, as almost all the first half of it is around the interrogation of Mr. Wang by a man that is presumably from an Italian secret agency – even if no one has clearly stated it. There is tension, drama, and even a touch of dark irony at the end – that I will not reveal it, to not ruin your vision!

Reccomended to all sci-fi lovers, in particular the ones who can live without a lot of action.

My vote: 7/10

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1712502

88 minutes (2007) – review

DVB – italian audio track

Long story short: nine years ago, a serial killer was imprisoned; now, a new murder happens with the same modus operandi…

Last night I was still awake (as many other nights) so I decided to watch TV, and stumbled upon this movie; it was passed under my radar at the time…

Well, a very good, psychological thriller with a perfect Al Pacino fitting the main character really well, supported by a lot of other good actors; story is good, even if a bit forced, and the end was uxepected (strangely, to me at least, where I almost always spot the guilty in the first half time of the movie…)

Music is good, locations in Seattle are convincing, and the whole lot works very well; reccomended to any thriller fan, in particular to the ones who love machiavellian movies!

My vote: 7.5/10

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0411061